58. The Most Awesome Light Up Bracelets

These bracelets are $2 each and are the BEST for camping, nighttime adventures and of course trick-or-treating.

This set comes with 8 bracelets in all different colors.  They come with batteries loaded up and ready to go but you will want to pull out the clear tab ahead of time because it does take a second to get them all back together.  If you’re handing them out to a bunch of kids - those couple minutes could be brutal. Oh, and they come with a full set of extra batteries.

Press once for a fast blink then again for a slow blink and a 3rd time to keep it glowing.  They even fit on Lovey which will come in handy actually for nighttime walks. These wristbands are such better quality and easier to wear than the sticks or necklaces.

Love love love these light up bracelets!
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