55. The Most Awesome Hangers

These slim velvet hangers are the best!
They are ultra thin yet super sturdy.
There’s a regular version and one with clips that works great for shorts and skirts.
Because of the velvet texture, even the items with thinnest straps or thin T-shirts don’t slide off the hanger.
I just love that these hangers work for every type of clothing you can even hang up heavy coats or suits and every item hangs nicely and keeps it shape.
I’m telling you- laundry days are less painful and even sort of fun when everything has a place and is organized so nicely.
You can fit so much more in your closet, because these hangers are literally as thin as it gets. It’s easier to see all the things that you have and there just isn’t any bulkiness.
If your closet needs an overhaul like mine did, these hangers will change your life.
Click HERE for regular hangers
Click HERE for hangers with clips