54. The Most Awesome Digestion Supplements

My functional medicine doctor has helped me try lots of different things to help my gut on the daily and I swear this is the best combination. Now every body is different of course but I think it’s great for anyone that battles bloating or SIBO or stomach discomfort like I do - or maybe you just want to help your body digest the foods you eat. 

These are definitely not the cheesy non-bloat pills… 
These Digestive Enzymes helps with the digestion of protein, carbs, fats, fiber and dairy… and help you get max nutrient absorption. They can also help relieve bloating and gas.
And this one is just basically peppermint oil with is super soothing for the gut and can relieve indigestion or a tummy ache. 

I take one of each for a small meal and two of each for a little bit bigger meal.  I take them everywhere I go and never have a meal without them because they make my gut happy and I think they’ll make yours happy too!
Click HERE for supplement #1!
Click HERE for supplement #2!