52. The Most Awesome School Year Keepsake Boxes

I was looking for something that my kids could keep on their dresser and put little special things from the school year inside.

This one is perfect because it’s not too big… remember, we’re only keeping the essentials. And they would even fit on a bookshelf to store if you want to do one for every school year.

How cool to have your a little ID card or photos or little pieces of art or the class picture or a special little gift from a friend… all in one place.

This way, your kids can look back and see a picture of them with their favorite third grade teacher, or revisit report cards from years past.

We made these cute covers for for each kid and slipped them into the front and I pulled out a bunch of stickers so the kids could decorate the border. It ended up being such a fun family activity, and the kids are excited to have them in their rooms.

I just completed the biggest purge and organize of my life, I realize the biggest mistake I was making for years was not setting up a place for everything to go.

So now, as a much more organized version of my self, I’m always looking for simple ways to be organized and still be creative and keep important things and make special memories last longer… and this keepsake box does just that!
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