51. The Most Awesome Half Gallon Water Jug

I’m a girl who loves a Stanley and a Hydroflask… but for making sure you get in your water intake each day… this one is the jam!

I fill it in the morning with filtered water and a ton of ice and it stays super cold all day long.  It’s easy to clean and the water just tastes fresh so it’s easier to drink that much water.

Now it’s heavy and it doesn’t fit in a cup holder but it’s easy to carry and the top seals up nicely so it doesn’t leak.

I love a simple item that helps me stick to my health habits and make it a routine.

Whether it’s sleep, hydration, sunlight, lifting weights, supplements, getting in enough protein or living in a happy headspace, I’m all about it!

I’m not sure how I lived without this one- I’m obsessed!
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