49. The Most Awesome Hair Serums

No exaggeration - these hair serums are straight up the best.  Both can be used on wet or dry hair but are different in how they work. 
This one is like a lightweight hair lotion - that also gives heat and environmental protection.  Apply on damp hair before you blow dry or air dry and it makes your hair so soft and smooth but in the most lightweight way.  I also use it as a finishing lotion after I style my hair - it just makes everything look so polished and if your hair is knotted or frizzy- it smooths it right out.
This Kerasate one is a hydrating oil that helps dry hair look and feel vibrant and shiny again.  If your hair is super dry or frizzy - this one is the best thing ever.  Just one or two pumps though - it’s pretty heavy, but that’s why it works so well. It’s like instant hair strengthening and shine to the next level. 
Having both of these on hand is key- because sometimes you just need a lightweight lotion as your finisher and other times you need something that packs more of a punch.  They also work great together. You’ll love this best ever hair duo. 
Click HERE for Ilse Formula Finishing Serum!

 Click HERE for Kerastase Serum!