46. The Most Awesome Basic Zip Hoodie

Enter the most worn sweatshirt in our house!  This hoodie is not too cropped but not too long and is the best for throwing on with literally any outfit.

Presley and I are both wearing size XS so it’s clearly very versatile and also comes in black.

I’m all about buying less things and just getting quality items that I’ll use a million times - this is definitely one of those.

And this video also happens to also be a summary of my relationship with Presley and how much fun it’s been having the kids home this summer.  And for me- instead of feeling sad that the girls aren’t little anymore… I’m shifting that energy and embracing all the adventures and cool things we can do together as they grow.  Like dancing in the living room and pushing each other around until we fall down.

Back to the hoodie- you need it in your life!  You will thank us!
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