42. The Most Awesome On-The-Go Salad Bowl

This stainless steel bowl with lid is the best ever for prepping your salad for home or for taking with you.  It’s the best I’ve found for keeping your salad fresh and cold and it just still tastes crisp, even if you made it the night before.  The lid actually locks into place so it’s easy to stack in the fridge or in a cooler if you’re packing it and it’s the best for shaking up your dressing.

I like it so much that I often make my salads in this at home and eat it right out of there.

It comes in several sizes… I get the large 3 quart size because it’s the most versatile. Make a nice and filing salad for one or a family style one- using the same bowl.

Hydroflask salad bowl for the win!
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