35. The Most Awesome Packing Organizer

I’ve wanted a packing solution like this for so long… it’s an organizer with shelves and one large zip compartment that you pack your things in at home… then when you get where you’re going, you lift it up and hang it. 
I like it even more than packing cubes because cubes are convenient for organizing when packing but not that efficient for once you get there.  With this, I put all the items you get to often in here so its less unpacking and it’s so easy to tell what is clean and what’s dirty.  
It comes in Large and XL- I bought both and kept the XL just because if you’re going to do it, might as well have more room.  I put socks and undies and bras in the bottom zip up part.. PJS on one shelf and then whatever else makes sense for each person and the type of trip that we are taking. 
I bought pink for the girls in the family and grey for the dudes… they store up nice and small, making them the most awesome packing organizer! 
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