34. The Most Awesome Running Shoes

The support that you get with these fitness shoes is unlike any other. 

 Hoka makes great shoes in general the most awesome style are the Bondis! 

 The latest version is the Bondi 8 and they finally come in plain black or plain white plus lots of fun colors. 

 They are so lightweight while also being so cushioned which is hard to find. 

 And beyond running they give great stability for lifting weights or any other kind of workout.  I’ve had bunions and foot surgeries so I’m extra aware of foot support and avoiding injury. 

 I put them at the foot of my bed every night so I pop them on right when I wake up- and there’s no decision to be made about whether or not a workout is happening. 

 The run slightly big- I usually wear a 9 and I’m an 8.5 in these. 

 They are made for running but awesome for all types of activity. 


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