32. The Most Awesome Protein Powders

25 grams of protein in one scoop! And they are so delicious and the only protein powders I’ve ever tried that don’t have the sort of powdery taste or aftertaste.  These ones are so rich and creamy and you can add any of your favorite fruits and veggies and it just works.
When I’m doing a chocolate peanut butter one I’ll add blueberries and half a banana, spinach and maybe a date… and when I’m doing a vanilla one… I’ll add spinach - always spinach- plus a ton of berries or the tropical fruits.
You can really put together any combination and it’s so good but even better than that- they have the very best ingredients of any powders.
No gums or gluten or oils or natural flavors or added sugars… just 100% grass fed protein plus functional mushrooms for focus and cognition and collagen.
Grab both flavors and you’re ready to make a super healthy protein packed smoothie, anytime!

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