24. The Most Awesome Functional Chocolate Bar

Mid day squares are hands-down for sure the most awesome healthy chocolate bars.

If you have not tried these yet, your life is about to change. No exaggeration, they are that good!

They come in 4 flavors.
The peanut butter one is perfect for a morning snack or just after lunch… one square is filling and satisfying, and they taste so fresh. Store them in the fridge or the freezer and take with you on the go.

I brought a few of each variety with me this week for an overnight field trip… it’s a lifesaver when you’re stuck with limited options to eat.

Now that I’ve learned what makes me feel good in the short term in the long term. I’m just not willing to compromise on what I eat anymore.

I love the brownie and the cookie dough for dessert or for your last snack of the day.

Mid day squares will be your new favorite treats, that I hope you pack in your bag every day like I do!
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