21. The Most Awesome Daily Planning Notepad

The BEST way to be intentional with how you spend your time, plan out your days!  I loveeee my Sunday sesh with these planning sheets to lay out how my week will go. That way I’m not just reacting to life, but have a clear plan for the days that align with my priorities and goals. And those change!
It’s also the best way to spread out your to do items so you have certain one’s to make sure you get done each day. It’s increased my productivity SO much because I have a reasonable list each day and my to do list doesn’t feel never ending.
One more thing - it’s also great if you never feel “done” for the day. By laying out nice full days for yourself, you can power through them and feel accomplished and then call it a day and unwind, meditate, stretch, whatever you do!
This whole method helps to avoid distractions, because it’s like a game to get through your list each day. I’m more productive and focused and then able to be fully present and relax- because today’s things are done!  You sleep better when you can fully call it a day and not go to sleep with a racing mind.
Whew- who knew I had so many thoughts on a notepad.
This one is awesome!  
Click HERE for link!