14. The Most Awesome Wellness Calendar

Well, it’s not a wellness calendar, I just made it one.  And it works better than anything else I’ve tried. 

And we’re going to use it to track everything about your overall daily health and fitness and digestion- just your overall well-being. 

Keep it near one of your watering holes - somewhere where you will see it often.  By your bed or in the kitchen, or I keep mine in my gym. Anywhere that you pass by a few times a day to update it.  

This is where you will record what you did that day for your overall health and wellbeing and how you felt.  What workout did you do, if you felt bloated after lunch- what did you eat.  Track your progress with weight or if you try out cold showers or a cold plunge - how long did you last?  If you run- track how many miles each day.

It’s incredible what having all of this information will do for you.  
Write down when you feel sick and what medication you’re taking.. it only takes a few seconds and at the end of the month and year you’ll really have this full perspective of how you’ve moved your body and how you felt.  And that’s awesome! 
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