Your Awesome Healthy Grocery List!

In today’s blog post, I’m sharing my healthy grocery list!  Finding brands that have the cleanest ingredient lists isn’t the easiest thing… so I started to make myself a list!  

I’m obsessed with reading labels and trying to feed myself and my family food as much organic foods as possible without compromising taste!

In this blog post, it’s your complete list!  So you don’t have to stand in front of the 200 peanut butter options for 20 minutes, trying to figure out which one has the best ingredients.  Some of these brands have an organic and a non-organic option, go for organic when possible!

All the cleanest ingredients to fill your pantry and fridge here!!

Raw Almonds - Food to Live

Pumpkin Seeds - Go Raw
Chia Seeds - Nutiva
Flaxseeds - Food to Live
Raw Macadamia Nuts - Food to Live
Raw Walnuts - Beyond Nature

Awesome Dried Fruit 
Raisins - Made in Nature

Figs - Made In Nature

Cranberries - Eden

Dates - Joolies

Apricots - Made In Nature


Awesome Packaged Snacks 
Sea Salt Crackers - Simple Mills brand or HU brand

Kale Chips - Rhythm brand

Spelt Pretzels - Newman’s Own brand

Brown Rice Thin Stackers- Lundberg brand

Organic Brown Rice Cakes - Lundberg brand

Cheddar Crackers - Simple Mills brand

Raw Golden Princess Trail Mix - Divine Organics brand

Tortilla Chips - Siete

Cauliflower Puffs - Vegan Rob’s 


Awesome Drinks 
Almond Milk - Malk brand

Coconut Water - Harmless Harvest brand

Coffee - Lion’s Mane - Four Sigmatic brand

Protein Powder - Great Lakes Gelatin

Awesome Desserts / Sweets 
Chocolate Bars - Hu

Cookie Crisps - Go Raw

Coconut Cookies - Emmy’s Organics

Chocolate Mushroom (YUM)

Awesome Condiments 
Ketchup - Primal Kitchen

Mustard - Organicville

Mayo - Primal Kitchen

Maple Syrup - Coombs Family Farms

Awesome Baking Supplies 

Almond Flour - Anthony’s

Coconut Flour - Nutiva

Cacao Powder - Navitas

Cacao Nibs - Navitas

Chocolate Chips - Hu

Baking Soda - Bob’s Red Mill

Vanilla Extract - Simply Organic

Marshmallows - SmashMallow

Coconut Butter - Artisana

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - Bragg

Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Nuñez De Prado

Awesome Grains 
Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Bread - Food For Life

Brown Rice Spaghetti Noodles - Tinkyada brand

Basmati Rice and Jasmine Rice - Lundberg brand

Brown Rice - truRoots, Lundberg, Lotus Foods brand

Steel Cut Oats - Bob’s Red Mill brand

Sprouted Grain Pasta - Food for Life brand

Awesome Beans 
Eden Garbanzo beans

Eden kidney beans

Eden black beans

Eden cannellini beans