What to Order at VIBE!

VIBE is the MOST AWESOME organic healthy food stop in Orange County!
Here is what to order! 
California Cobb!  The coconut “bacon” is unrealllll!  Can do on greens or rice or quinoa or cauliflower rice.  I do greens, always are so good!  Every bite is so good with chunky avocado and fresh balsamic.  Leave you full in the best way- refueled and ready for the rest of the day! 
Jackfruit "carnitas" Tacos!  jackfruit "carnitas", pico de gallo, guacamole and a cashew-lime cream- seriously so tasty!
Popeye bowl!! 
So gooooood!  Huge dollop of almond butter on top of the yummiest smoothie bowl with all the best toppings.  Spinach blended in gets in your greens too!   Not super sweet like an açaí bowl- like an epic smoothie with delish toppings.  So good, so fresh, nobody does this like they do! 
For you!
Breakfast buzz 
Cold brew, almond butter, banana, maca, dates and cinnamon. Best light morning or afternoon snack, or for something sweet after a salad.  
Like the breakfast buzz but heartier - more goodies inside- protein powder, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, cordyceps, cinnamon.  Makes it more of a light meal! 
For kıds!
California Dream!  All kids loveee it!  Fresh OJ, strawberry smoothie.  Get it split in 2 cups for little kids.  So good. 
Quesadilla!  In a Siete tortilla… comes with black beans and cashew cheese.  Do no beans and extra cheese for kids that don’t like black beans.  Both are SO GOOD!  Comes with side of guac and pico.  I eat every bite of any leftovers!