The Most Awesome Kids Keepsake Items

The Most Awesome Kids Keepsake Items 
OH the debate of what to keep and what not to keep.
Let’s organize up alllll that kid stuff you have laying around! 
Get one of these for each kid.  Yes, they are huge and yes you will still fill them up.  Find a place to put them and toss things in that you want to keep. When it overflows, time to purge.  They are brilliant!  
Greatest ever artwork keeper.  Sturdy and oversized for keeping all your kid’s art in one safe place. 
Keep only the most important homework, and file it in here!  Will last you for years! Learn from me, purge as it comes home so one day you don’t spend 6 hours going through homework assessments that came home 5 years ago. Do it as you go, then pop into these folders. Boom! 
The cutest keepsake way to document the school years that go by way. too. fast! Boys and girls versions.  Keep it in a handy spot so you can find it each year at the start and end of the school year.