The Most Awesome Bathroom Items

Awesome bathroom essentials!  They look great and make life OH SO MUCH easier! 
So chic and such good quality.  Wipes can go on top, or leave it free to place  your phone there.  So nice when you don’t want a holder attached to the wall. Or do both like I do in kids room!
Obsessed with how clean the bathroom looks with this. I have it in every shower and by every tub.  Add in your shampoo, conditioner and body wash and no need for bottles falling all over the shower.
Fav soap dispensers.  Love the no touch dispense - easy to charge and look nice on counter. 
I like fragrance free just to keep it extra clean ;)
OK so THIS is something I’ve looked for - for literally YEARS!  Something to keep disposable bathroom wipes from drying out- but I don’t want a baby wipe container.  Game changer. 
Tissue holder but classier than the average kind. 
Do a good purge under your sink and in your cabinets, then label it all with these!
So cute, such good quality and such a great price!  Have these on the back of doors to hang robes! 
Will be on my holiday gift list until the end of time!!  It’s just so good. Bathroom mirror of your dreams right here!