The Most Awesome Back To School Basket

I love a back to school basket because it’s such a great way to refresh your school supplies and get everyone excited for the new year!
Here are the baskets I built for my kids this year. Lots of fun ideas!
Personalized Items from 
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I love personalized items and I was so excited when the design team we love was wiling to create a bundle for us so you can get all 3 in one purchase.  I keep the tags and use then for baskets later or even a little decoration piece in their room.  These 3 items really make the basket look complete - everything you add in will look cute because of the personalized touches!

❤️ School supply gift sets:

I love these because you get so many cute things in one bundle.    I love love the first rainbow set with so many pieces in it and also the chroma blends watercolor one for older kids.  Super pretty pearl water colors are really special when you use them.

🧡 Poster paint pods:

Really fun bright, colorful paint pods for making posters.  Love these for spontaneous poster making or for future school projects. 

💛 Smart Sweets Candy:

Every basket needs a treat. Loving these slow sugar dummies!

💚 1000 sticker book:

💙 Ooly puffy Pens:

💜 Ooly rainbow sparkle glitter markers:

❤️ Ooly Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Crayons:

🧡 Healthy-ish candy:

💛 Healthy-ish snacks:

💚 The best watercolors!:

💙 Super fun scented markers:

💜 Love this all-in-one kit:

❤️ Stickers:

🧡 Classic, Neon & Metallic paint sticks

💛 Little sticker book

💚 Gratitude journal

💙 Calculator

💜 Wite out  

❤️ Binder Pencil Pouch  

🧡 Scissors  

💛 Ruler  

💚 Sprial notebooks for Kids

💙 Post-it Flags  

💜 Erasable Highlighers  

❤️ Glue sticks  

🧡 Sharpies  

💛 Ballpoint pen  

💚 Handwriting pencils  

💙 Dry Erase Markers  

💜 Colorful Markers  

❤️ Unicorn Pencil Case:

🧡 School supply gift sets

Love these for little kids!  They are so cute for your basket and I love to take them to restaurants or keep them in my car for anytime we need some on-the-go entertainment! 

💛 Superman and Friends 5-Minute Story Collection

💚 Superman Sandwich Bags:

💙 Superman Projection Pen:

💜 Superman Lunch bag:

❤️ Kids Hydro Flask:

Every basket needs a treat.  Loving these slow sugar dummies!

🧡 Smart Sweets Candy

Again, every basket needs a treat. 

💛 Washable Markers

💚 Crayons

💙 Washable Crayons:

💜 Coloring Books for Kids


Here are some links I have off hand to include to save you time!! 

❤️ Wire baskets - small medium - colors Aqua & pink 

$5.99 each 

🧡 Aqua 

The Container Store

💛 Pink

The Container Store

💚 Lindsay’s favorite crinkle & tulle:

💙 Tulle:

💜 Gift Bags